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24*10GE + 2*40GE /2*100GE Switch S5326XC

Key Features:

24*10GE(SFP+), 2*40/100GE(QSFP28)

Green Ethernet line sleep capability, low power consumption

IPv4/IPv6 static routing functions

RIP/OSPF/RIPng/OSPFv3/PIM and other routing protocols

VRRP/ERPS/MSTP/FlexLink/MonitorLink link and network redundancy protocols

ACL security filtering mechanism and provide security control functions based on MAC, IP, L4 port and port level

Multi-port mirroring analysis function, Mirror analysis based on service flow

O&M : Web/SNMP/CLI/Telnet/SSHv2



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Main features

S5354XC is a Layer-3 uplink switch configured with 24 x 10GE + 2 x 40GE /2 x 100GE. The software supports the ACL security filtering mechanism, security control based on MAC, IP, L4, and port levels, multi-port mirroring analysis, and image analysis based on service processes. The software is easy to manage and flexible to install, and can meet various complex scenarios.


Q1: Can I put our logo and model on your products?

A: Sure, we support OEM and ODM based on MOQ.

Q2: What is your MOQ of ONT and OLT?

For batch order, ONT is 2000 units, OLT is 50 units. Special cases, we can discuss.

Q3: Can your ONTs/OLTs be compatible with third-party products?

A: Yes, our ONTs/OLTs are compatible with third party products under standard protocol.

Q4: How long is your warranty period?

A: 1 year.

What is SWITCH?

Switch means "switch" is a network device used for electrical (optical) signal forwarding. It can provide an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes that access the switch. The most common switches are Ethernet switches. Other common ones are telephone voice switches, fiber switches, etc.

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  • Product Specifications

    Energy saving

    Green Ethernet line sleep capability

    MAC Switch

    Statically configure MAC address

    Dynamically learning MAC address

    Configure aging time of MAC address

    Limit the number of learned MAC address

    MAC address filtering

    IEEE 802.1AE MacSec Security control


    IGMP v1/v2/v3

    IGMP Snooping

    IGMP Fast Leave

    MVR, Multicast filter

    Multicast policies and multicast number limits

    Multicast traffic replicate across VLANs


    4K VLAN


    QinQ, Selective QinQ

    Private VLAN

    Network Redundancy


    ERPS automatic ethernet link protection





    BPDU protection, root protection, loop protection


    DHCP Server

    DHCP Relay

    DHCP Client

    DHCP Snooping


    Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 ACLs

    IPv4、IPv6 ACL



    IPV4/IPV6 dual stack protocol

    IPv6 neighbor discovery, Path MTU discovery

    Static routing, RIP/RIPng

    OSFPv2/v3、PIM dynamic routing

    BGP, BFD for OSPF

    MLD V1/V2, MLD snooping


    Traffic classification based on fields in L2/L3/L4 protocol header

    CAR traffic limit

    Remark 802.1P/DSCP priority

    SP/WRR/SP+WRR queue scheduling

    Tail-drop and WRED congestion avoidance mechanisms

    Traffic monitoring and traffic shaping

    Security Feature

    ACL recognition and filtering security mechanism based on L2/L3/L4

    Defends against DDoS attacks, TCP SYN Flood attacks, and UDP Flood attacks

    Suppress multicast, broadcast, and unknown unicast packets

    Port isolation

    Port security, IP+MAC+port binding

    DHCP sooping、DHCP option82

    IEEE 802.1x certification

    Tacacs+/Radius remote user authentication, Local user authentication

    Ethernet OAM 802.3AG (CFM), 802.3AH (EFM) various Ethernet link detection


    Link aggregation in static /LACP mode

    UDLD one-way link detection



    Ethernet OAM

    1+1 power backup



    WEB Management

    SNMP v1/v2/v3

    Physical Interface

    UNI Port

    24*10GE, SFP+

    NNI Port

    2*40/100GE, QSFP28

    CLI Management port

    RS232, RJ45

    Work Environment

    operate temp


    Storage temp


    Relative Humidity

    10%~90%(No condensation)

    Power Consumption

    Power Supply

    1+1 dual power supply, AC/DC power optional

    Input Power Supply

    AC: 90~264V, 47~67Hz; DC : -36V~-72V

    Power Consumption

    Full load ≤ 125W, idle ≤ 25W

    Structure Size

    Case shell

    Metal shell, air cooling and heat dissipation

    Case dimension

    19 inch 1U, 440*320*44 (mm)


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