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Birthday Party in November

In order to enhance the cohesion of the Limee sales team, increase the sense of belonging of the employees, promote the construction of the company's corporate culture, form a good corporate centripetal force and cohesion, promote the understanding and communication of employees, and let each one feel the warmth of the Limee sales Dept.. Company's labor union and sales Dept. jointly held an employee birthday party, and were honored to invite the company's leaders to be the guests of the event to celebrate the birthdays of person who have birthdays in November. This event consists of four parts: sending blessings, blowing candles, eating cakes and sharing life.

Birthday Party in November (4)
Birthday Party in November (3)

Finally, the focused lens left the figure of the protagonist of this birthday party, and the photo was provided to draw a perfect end to the birthday party. The cheerful smiling faces of them on the lens are exactly warm picture which Limee want to build.

Birthday Party in November (2)
Birthday Party in November (1)

Post time: Nov-17-2022