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Limee Celebrated Women’s Day Activity

In order to celebrate the International Women's Day and let the company's female employees have a happy and warm festival, with the care and support of the company leaders, our company held an event to celebrate the Women's Day on March 7.


Our company prepared a variety of delicious food for this event, including cakes, drinks, fruits and various snacks. The words on the cake are goddes, wealth, beautiful, cute, gentle, and happiness. These words also represent our blessings to our female colleague.


The company also carefully prepared a gift for the female colleagues. Two leaders of the company gave the gifts to the female colleagues to express the gratitude for their contributions and achievements, as well as their best wishes, and then took a group photo together. Although the gift is light, the affection warms the heart.


Here, Limee not only celebrates the achievements of women, but also reaffirms its commitment to supporting and uplifting women. Limee believes in the power and potential of women and is committed to supporting and empowering them in all aspects of their lives. Together, let us recognize the valuable contributions of women and work towards a future where we are all equal.


During this period, everyone chatted while eating, and several male colleagues took turns singing to the female colleagues. Finally, everyone sang together and ended the celebration of Women's Day amidst laughter.


Through this activity, the spare time life of female employees has been enriched, and the feelings and friendship between colleagues have been enhanced. Everyone expressed that they should devote themselves to their respective jobs in a better state and with greater enthusiasm and make their own contributions to the development of the company.

Post time: Mar-08-2024