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Limee Went To Universities – Recruit Talents

With the rapid development and continuous growth of the company, the demand for talents is becoming more and more urgent. Proceeding from the current actual situation and considering the long-term development of the company, the leaders of the company decided to go to institutions of higher learning to recruit talents.

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In April, the college recruitment fair was officially launched. As of today, our company has participated in the campus job fairs of Guangzhou Xinhua University (Dongguan Campus) and Guangzhou University (University Town). Recruitment positions are not limited to sales, business assistants, hardware engineers, embedded software engineers, etc.

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The first stop was Guangzhou Xinhua College (Dongguan Campus) on April 15. Our company leader and HR took the lead and went to Guangzhou Xinhua College (Dongguan Campus) to participate in the recruitment work.

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On April 22, our company leader and HR went to the campus job fairs of Guangzhou University (University City) to recruit talents.

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At the recruitment fair, nearly a thousand graduates participated in job hunting. The students were dressed in formal attire, confident and capable, holding well-prepared resumes and cover letters, and actively chatting with our recruiters to understand our recruitment requirements.

Our company leader and HR patiently answered the students’ questions, conducted interviews in a timely manner, understood and communicated with the students’ employment mentality, and helped them take the first step in their employment career, which was praised by the students.

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We know that talents are an important factor in determining the development of Limee, so the company attaches great importance to the recruitment and training of talents. We hope that more and more talents will join Limee. We will provide you with a platform where you can use your profound knowledge and skills to shine on this platform and create and share a bright future together. This is also Limee’s guiding principle: create together, share together, and enjoy the future together, we have been implementing and implementing it.

Post time: May-08-2023