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New website of Limee

After more than three months of overall optimization and design, Limee has launched a new version! This is another masterpiece of trade unions to improve management services through informatization, opening up a new era of informatization in an all-round way.


New website is even more convenient! The performance of the mobile terminal of the website has been greatly optimized, and the page adaptation of the PC terminal and the mobile terminal has been realized, which is more convenient for mobile reading and forwarding and dissemination.

The interface is more friendly! The display on the homepage of the website is more vivid, and a new “Blog” column is added and presented in the form of picture news, and the rich Communications/FTTX/FTTH knowledge points are used as the starting point to popularize industry knowledge to customers.

With the joint efforts and support of the company’s colleagues, It is expected that  the new version of Limee’s website can better show the spirit of Limee people in the new era and provide more convenient services for for global customers who are looking for OLT, Switch, ONU/ONT, Router, 4G/5G CPE, etc.

Limee has 3 major websites, which are www.limeetech.com, www.xgspon.com, www.xponont.com, more products details please browse our websites. Thank you so much for your attention and support of Limee.

Post time: Dec-09-2022