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Spring Day Activities–DIY Succulent Potted Plants.

With the arrival of Spring, the weather is sunny and warm, and the Tree Planting Day is coming,. Limee Technology Co., Ltd. held a Succulent planting experience activity.

To ensure that everyone participates, so that employees can increase their understanding of plant growth, enhance environmental awareness, ecological awareness, fully reflect the sense of social responsibility and mission, experience the joy of success, activate the team atmosphere, and looking ahead to a promising year.

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At events, everyone selected varieties, transplanted flower pots, carefully added soil to the pots, put the succulents in, and matched the potted plants with ornaments.

Accompanied by laughter, a pot of exquisite potted plants was completed, and everyone showed their elaborate works one after another.

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Through this activity, we not only experienced the fun of planting, but also completed the planting of succulent plants through division of labor and cooperation. We also improved our cooperation ability and feelings, and expressed the hope to hold more relevant activities.

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Post time: Oct-19-2022