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Where is the strong 5G call? High-definition, stable, continuous network

The so-called VoNR of Communication World Network News (CWW) is actually a voice call service based on IP Multimedia System (IMS) and is one of the 5G terminal audio and video technology solutions. It uses 5G's NR (Next Radio) access technology for Internet Protocol (IP) voice processing.

Simply put, VoNR is a basic call service that fully uses 5G networks.。

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In the case of VoNR technology is not yet mature, 5G voice can not be achieved. With 5G VoNR, operators will be able to provide high-quality voice services without relying on 4G networks. Consumers can also use voice to interact at any time in a world where everything is connected.

Therefore, this news means that mobile phones equipped with MediaTek's 5G SoC have achieved 5G voice and video calls for the first time, and the high-quality calling experience based on the original 5G network is one step closer to consumers.

In fact, several major 5G chip manufacturers have been committed to supporting VoNR technology services. Previously, Huawei and Qualcomm have announced that their 5G SoCs have successfully implemented VoNR on smartphones.

VoNR is not only a simple implementation of voice and video call technology services, but more a sign that 5G industry is undergoing new changes under the first year of 5G and the new crown epidemic.

In fact, VoNR is the only voice and video call technology service based on the 5G SA architecture. Compared with the early call service, it solves many of the core problems that have existed in the previous communication voice technology, such as network channel occupation, image and Blurred video, etc.

During the new crown epidemic, teleconferencing has become mainstream. Under the 5G SA architecture, VoNR communication will also be faster and safer than current solutions.

Therefore, the importance of VoNR is that it is not only a voice call technical service under 5G SA, but also the most secure, reliable, and smooth voice communication technical service under 5G network.


Post time: Apr-16-2020